How Does a Destination Wedding Planner Choose Vendors?

Talent. Vendors. Services. When you use a destination wedding planner you will usually depend upon them to make recommendations and hire the vendors that will provide various services.

So then, what do they look at when they decide who to recommend?

Some companies do everything in-house. While some are very good, others are not and hire people for price, not talent. They could be maximizing their profit at your expense. Everybody is different and that includes destination wedding planners. So I will explain my evaluation process.

1. Do they do what they do well? If it’s a photographer, are the pictures good? But this is the easy part.

2. Are they professional? Do they have the insurance that they need? Do they show up at or before the appointed time? Are they dressed appropriately? If somebody has multiple navel piercings I don’t really care. Unless I can count them when they are working. A professional appearance matters.

3. And possibly the most important. Do they play well with other children? It’s vitally important that everybody who is providing a service have the overall success of the event as their goal and not just their part of it. This means that everybody is working together and it makes a huge difference. It makes the behind the scene atmosphere pleasant and people are happy to be there working. The client may not notice it consciously but it does show.

It’s up to the wedding planner to make sure that the vendors know just what is expected of them. And, if there is a problem, to deal with it gracefully.

There are a few things that will immediately take a vendor off of my list. Let me rephrase that. There is one thing but it can take different forms. The word is attitude. I think everybody has had the experience of going into a restaurant and sensing that something isn’t quite right. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but it’s there.

A bad attitude can show itself many ways. There’s the prima donna; the vendor that thinks he or she is so good that it’s all about them. Wrong. It’s all about you and your wedding.

Then there’s the snippy attitude, often servers show this, and it spreads faster than cholera. It only takes one person to upset everybody else and it shouldn’t be tolerated.

Each person involved in your wedding should be happy to be there and happy to work together. If they are, they will go the extra mile. And I insist on the extra mile. So should you.