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Snorkelling – The Low Cost Adventure

There is something so relaxing and calming about being in the water amongst the marine life. From the surface you can swim over and around reefs with hundreds if not thousands of fish all around you. This adventure activity is more widely practised than scuba diving because you don’t need any certification, training or equipment. You can head down the water whenever you feel like it put on your snorkel and jump in.

Many tropical resorts and islands offer free snorkelling gear which makes this a fun a cheap activity to do whilst on holidays. But also buying a snorkel is generally inexpensive with the low range snorkels starting from around $20 AUD which makes this activity much more appealing.

Some good places to snorkel are generally tropical countries such as Vanuatu, Tonga and Hawaii. But other spots around the world include the famous Great Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland Australia and the increasingly popular Red Sea in Egypt. My particular favourite spot locally in Sydney is Clovelly Bay where you can snorkel amongst a whole range of underwater life but most impressively are the Blue Gropers.

Many water sports have also taking in snorkel as part of their sport such as underwater hockey, underwater rugby and spear fishing. Underwater hockey is a sport where the puck is on the floor of a pool and swimmers with snorkels swim down to pass to their team mates and score goals like regular hockey. Underwater rugby however is not at all like rugby. There are two goals at either end of the pool and using a semi buoyant ball the players need to score in either bucket. Both these games are similar and require strong swimming skills, knowledge of snorkelling and great positioning for goals.

For a cheap but fun and active adventure, snorkelling is easy and accessible all over the world. To read about many other adventures like shark diving, fishing, bungee jumping, African safaris and many more visit http://www.nothingbutadventure.com, your encyclopaedia all things adventure travel, hobbies and activities.

Adventure Travel Trends

Ever since the birth of Extreme sports – white water rafting, sky diving, bungee jumping – anything to rock the socks off of a normal person, vacationing will never be the same. Superficiality is out. Excitement and adventure, passion and romance is much more appealing to today’s modern tourists.

African safaris have never been more popular. Current travel trends are for smaller accommodations and more time outside, for adventure, assimilating the local culture and really “experiencing” the place. (At the same time luxury vacation homes are also a strong new trend for the jet set crowd who want to separate themselves from the ordinary masses. These overworked and overstressed executives simply want a wonderful private abode to hide out and recharge their batteries in complete privacy!).

However, the vast number of modern tourists find the traditional hotel room and cable TV to be suffocating. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations are the Mecca like objectives for bungee jumping junior executives. Of course, these single men may find joy in weekend adventure sports on mountainous cliff not far from home. For die hard sports enthusiasts, particularly men in their 20s to late 30s, many take it a step farther. They organize their vacations in order to take advantage of a remote location where the sport they love can be pursued on an extended basis.

These types of vacations are different from the normal recreational vacations because it is an opportunity to challenge oneself. The traditional take on vacations, whether taken alone, with friends, one’s partner, or work associates was to RELAX. This approach is completely different. Its intention is to provoke the innate potential of the individual, so that upon return from “vacation”, new horizons won’t seem so distant and can be easily conquered!

In the days of British imperialism, the white tablecloth was brought along on the picnic along with piping hot tea in a silver clad teapot, which was very impractical, in retrospect. Vacationing tourists in today’s world have a newfound sense of humility in wishing to follow the tradition of “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Embracing the culture means to ride the camel, try the local fare, and learn a few words in the local dialect. Support the farmer, not the corporation, get an understanding of the life and its struggles, and try to become a better global citizen in the process.

Sports adventures while vacationing are taken on a domestic level, and are broken out by season. For winter, that includes skiing the moguls, snowboarding, and cross country skiing, which may last days at a time? Sleeping in igloos and roughing it is a hearty adventure, to say the least.

With the melting of snow, spring is an ideal time to try white water rafting, though be sure to choose a highly experienced guide. Summer or anytime with dry weather, is great for mountain biking, motor cross racing, skateboarding and sailing. Long distance bicycling or motorcycling is also a sport even if you do seem to be sitting down!

Mountain climbing and can also be considered an adventure type vacation option, requiring weeks to accomplish and requiring skill, patience and endurance. Perhaps ideal for this is the well known and loved mountain peak of Kilimanjaro. Africa’s highest peak, it is not unattainable, unlike Mount Everest or K2 in Pakistan. A two week extreme adventure vacation is recommended for those relatively physically fit in both physically and emotionally invigorating in awakening “the beast within” and re-embracing one’s lost humanity in this computerized and mechanized society.