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Florida Vacations – Deals and Places to Visit

Budget Friendly Hotels in Florida

Every time you plan a holiday, especially Florida vacations, the main expenses you will incur are accommodation and transport. However, when traveling to a place like Florida you are sure to be burdened by a lot more than that. There is not much fun in going to Florida if you are not going to meet Mickey Mouse. Therefore, most people prefer to save on hotel rates as much as possible. After staying out the entire day sight seeing, one demands a nice, clean and comfortable room to sleep in at night. So why splurge on five star resorts? Econo Lodge, Bahama Bay Resort and Polynesian Inn Kissimmee are all famous and dependable, yet inexpensive hotels in Orlando. Fun Stop has the edge over others because it is located right outside Disney World.

Hoteling Made Easy

A visit to Florida means sand and surfing, meeting Mickey Mouse and relaxing at the golf club. Having said so, one can still hope to find an inexpensive hotel to stay in if one is sensible about it. Even then, most people when planning a trip try to book the hotel in advance to cash in on good deals for coveted Florida vacations. Online booking systems on the internet now allow guests to pay when they actually arrive in person at the hotel. Many times, there is a big difference in the prices of hotels based on the distance from the beach. One can always walk a little farther down to get to the beach if it results in big savings. In Orlando, hotels start at $15 per night but in Miami they mostly begin at $30 per night. There are many hotels all over Florida and they all compete to draw visitors. Customers are attracted by offering big slash in room prices, family packages and exciting deals.

Four Star Hotels in Florida

All over the world, four star hotels are known to be huge buildings with services like valet, concierge, buffet breakfast and room service. Four star hotels have generally been seen in groups surrounding main city areas. Florida has a wide range of four star hotels. Some of the better known ones are The Hyatt Regency, JW Marriot, The Hilton Resort and The Peabody. Almost all the Disney Hotel chains are also four stars. They are mostly located inside Disney World. People prefer to stay here because it’s much more practical. Rates for any four star hotel usually start at about $150 and climb up to $250. Of course, prices differ for different sizes and locations.

The World of Golf

Florida has always been famous for its diverse variety of golf courses for people on those Florida vacations. Most golf news comes from Florida. Florida has 1,481 golf courses. These include private, public, semi-private and municipal courses. The biggest advantage that Florida golf courses have over others is that these are open all year round. This is unlike other places where, due to climatic changes, the courses need to be shut down. Due to the ideal climate in Florida, every day is a Sunday for golf lovers. Even then, there is an off season in Florida from May to October. Some of the private golf courses opt to open to the public during these off seasons. The rates all over Florida are extremely competitive as the competition is cut throat. Florida has had the privilege of playing host for many famous tournaments such as the PGA, LPGA and the Champions tour. It is no wonder that the World Golf Hall of Fame is also in Florida. Undoubtedly, Florida is the ultimate place a golfer could wish for.